Abel Carlevaro on Janez Gregorič:

Janez Gregorič studied music and guitar with me in Erlbach (Germany) and in my studio in Montevideo (Uruguay). To me his extraordinary talent has always been evident, and today he is also recognized as an outstanding guitarist by widespread audiences.

Abel Carlevaro, Montevideo, March 10, 1999

Cronomias De Montevideo - Hommage a Abel Carlevaro

CD review by Zane Turner on MusicWeb

Fabjan Hafner on Janez Gregorič:

Among all the ordinary musicians our ears have become accustomed to hearing day in and day out, Janez Gregorič is a musician of unusual nobility – not a commonplace strummer, no; he is a disciplined and sublime aristocrat.

The slightest motion of his little finger can stimulate our auditory apparatus; with Oriental allusions and this almost imperceptible acoustic paintbrush he traces delicate lines on a silken veil.

He commands his art and is at the same time possessed by it. Beneath the distinguished surface burns a passion that no doubt fuels the otherworldly glow radiating from within.

Fabjan Hafner
lyricist, translator, literary scholar

Tim Hofmann on a Concert by Janez Gregorič:

Gregorič presents a perfect symbiosis between technical fascination and stylistic color – a magnificent performance that also came to life in his own compositions “Ameisen im Kopf” and “Bottle Post.” Amazing how the artist uses classical guitar techniques, for example, to elaborate on a stylistic rock riff, producing masterfully executed tremolo effects. [...] His tone is as clear as a bell, full and direct in its basses and at the same time infused with silky warmth – simply wonderful.

Tim Hofmann, in „Freie Presse - Chemnitz“

Peter Maier – “in.concert@20th” CD review

Sound Aesthete

One striking aspect about this CD is the way Gregorič plays these pieces, allowing them to shine with incredible sound aesthetics. There are virtually no other sounds to be heard, no squeaks, impurities, or extraneous noises; it is a tone of surprising clarity but also deep warmth. […]

Since 1999 Gregorič has played a “Model Carlevaro” instrument made by the German master guitar maker Eberhard Kreul. In 2005 he began playing a modified version of this guitar, the “Model Carlevaro with sound hole.” This CD marks this instrument’s recording debut. Gregorič’s technique in combination with this guitar and the demanding selection of pieces on this CD make for an exceptional treat […]

Peter Maier, „Gitarre aktuell“, December 2008

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